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Quality, medically based sexual and reproductive care is crucial to our overall health, valuable to our communities, and supports a future where everyone can build the life they dream of.  It is a sad reality that stigma, misinformation, and shame still run rampant in our communities. That's not by accident. It's the result of ineffective sex education, restrictive policies, and a system-wide shortage of resources.

This is why we advocate for evidence-based health policy at every level of government. Title X funding can not be used for our advocacy work, thus donor contributions to Affirm are greatly appreciated for this purpose.

We are on our way to hiring a Policy Director to fight the battles ahead for reproductive health. Give now to help Affirm make our policy priorities a reality for Arizonans in 2024- Affirm 2024 Policy Priorities / Prioridades legislativas de Affirm

Current stances:

Updated when Arizona legislature is in session (January to June annually).

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Oppose HB2183 Protect Teens' Right to Confidentiality

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