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LARC Coalition

The LARC coalition works to determine the best way to implement immediate post-partum Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) insertion for hospitals state-wide. Examples of LARCs include IUDs and birth control implants. Affirm partners with nurse practitioners, valley doctors and an AHCCCS consultant to bring together data around this topic and to determine an implementation strategy consistent with Arizona hospital care and available public health insurance. Below are resources and FAQs for providers and hospitals looking to implement this strategy.

Please connect with us via email at if you would like to get involved in our quarterly meetings.

Preconception Care Alliance

Through a five-year grant with the Arizona Department of Health Services, Affirm's CEO co-chairs the Preconception Care Alliance with a representative from the Arizona Chapter of the March of Dimes. The alliance hosts a Steering Committee made up of representatives from 11 local organizations in the field of reproductive health. The work focuses on decreasing maternal mortality and increasing maternal health post-partum through reports and Data to Action plans for state health organizations. If you're interested in this work, please email

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