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Sexual and reproductive care is crucial to our overall health, valuable to our communities, and supports a future where everyone can build the life they dream of. With the guidance of the Affirm Board of Directors, we work to break down barriers, provide crucial education, and bust stigmas so that everyone can make decisions with confidence and clarity.

Members include

Executive Committee

  • Maureen Howell, President
  • Mindy Riesenberg, Vice-President
  • Joe Russo, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Candace Lew, Immediate Past President

Voting Members at Large

  • Stephen Anderson
  • Erica Freese
  • Carolyn M. Fuller
  • Sarah Corcoran Gorin
  • Catherine Gouge
  • Page Grier
  • Alexandra Herrera
  • Shauna McIsaac
  • Charnise Moore
  • Dana Naimark
  • Catherine Pisani
  • Safia Sampson
  • Jeremy Wolf

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