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At Affirm, our purpose is to create a future where everyone has the trust, support, and information they need to choose what's best for them. Adolescence is a critical stage of development during which foundations for healthy behaviors in adulthood are established.

To break down barriers to quality care for youth in Arizona, we partner with the University of Michigan's Adolescent Health Initiative to implement the Adolescent Champion Model (ACM). The model creates youth-friendly environments where adolescents are empowered to establish lifelong healthy behaviors and make health decisions with confidence and clarity.

The Adolescent Champion Model is well laid out, easy to follow and fun to complete. Completing the process left myself, the staff and most importantly, our adolescent patients empowered. Through the process we were able to quickly identify and correct weaknesses in our adolescent care. I love that the model really gives a voice to an often unheard age group. I look forward to continuing to foster a high level of adolescent care and friendliness at our clinic and feel I have the tools and knowledge necessary after completing this wonderful model.

- AZ Provider

A change I've noticed at the clinic is there is a more welcoming environment where I can talk about my sexuality openly.

- AZ Youth

The Adolescent Champion Model is a multi-faceted intervention that ensures all aspects of a health center visit are youth-centered by partnering with providers. Participating health centers overcome barriers to providing high quality services by incorporating 11 best practice strategies and that address their center's environment, policies, practices, and culture.

After participating in the ACM, clinicians have increased confidence regarding their ability to discuss sensitive subjects and to recognize behavioral health issues in their adolescent patients. Clinicians also discuss the protections and limitations of confidentiality more often and empower adolescents to be involved in their own health management.