In August of 2016, AFHP applied for and received a supplemental grant from the Office of Population Affairs to provide Zika prevention resources, materials, and trainings to community partners around the state. As part of these efforts, AFHP purchased over 500,000 condoms, and have been distributing them ever since. We’ve given condoms to community partners all over Arizona and Utah!

Our condoms have gone to our own Title X clinics, community health centers, county health departments, social service providers, hospitals, and immigrant and refugee, tribal, and homeless service organizations.

Of the original 527,000 condoms, we are down to just 4,000.


We ordered more! That’s right, we ordered more!

Over the next year, AFHP will receive 300,000 condoms to distribute to our community partners once again!

So if you work for a service organization that needs condoms for its clients or patients, we’ve got you covered!

To arrange pickup, give Savannah at AFHP a call – 602-258-5777 x 1107, or send her an email –