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The decision by the United States Supreme Court overturning Roe & Casey decisions is a sad day in America. We will not have a full grasp on the impact of the ruling for some time.

At this time, and until we have a chance to fully review the decision, Arizona Family Health Partnership will not be issuing any additional statements.

What is important to emphasize is that Title X sexual and reproductive healthcare services and resources, including contraception, remains accessible to everyone at more than 50 health centers across the Arizona.

Now more than ever, Title X-funded sexual and reproductive health and education services are vital. To find a nearby Title X-funded health center, click ‘Find Care’ at the top of this page.

We will continue coordinating sexual and reproductive health services, connecting clients to caring providers, offering inclusive health education, and advocating for evidence-based health policy at every level of government, especially for legislation that guarantees everyone full reproductive freedom.

The decision about if and when to have a child is incredibly personal.

Research and data confirm that access to education, medically accurate services and resources, and contraception results in healthier lives and fewer abortions.

At Arizona Family Health Partnership, we strive to create a future where everyone has the trust, support and information to choose what’s best for them.