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We are excited to announce the launch of SEXfyi®!

SEXfyi® was created to let the teens and young adults of Arizona know about the confidential, low or no-cost reproductive health services available to them through the Title X program! The campaign was designed with the input of actual clients and is comprised of three parts.

The first is, a one-stop website for teens, parents, and young adults with information about birth control methods and options and the ability to find their closest Title X clinic.

The second is a series of videos, audio spots, and images on mobile internet browsers, Pandora Radio, and various social media platforms. These targeted promotions direct the user to or to call us so that we can get them to the services they want and need.

The third part is a series of outreach materials intended for clients, parents, home visitors, and more. The materials direct the user to their closest clinic, our website, or our phone number and most are small enough to be hidden in a shoe in case privacy is an issue.

We are so proud of this campaign and our hope is that even more Arizonans in need of quality reproductive health services can access them!

– Savannah