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More and more people from across the state are visiting AFHP’s one-stop information website for all things birth control,, thanks to a cellphone-driven awareness effort launched in June.

The promotion, in both English and Spanish, features colorful, highly creative 30-second video spots as well as banner ads linking users to the site.  The creative graphics and components were developed in collaboration with Cox Communications.

“Given all that is happening today with COVID-19-driven restrictions, it was important for the communities and individuals we serve to know that Title X sexual and reproductive healthcare and services are essential and how to access those services,” said AFHP CEO Bré Thomas.

During the first 30 days, the campaign produced nearly 587,000 impressions and generated 875 clicks on the ads and 266 clickthroughs to the website.  Activity on Facebook and Instagram resulted in almost 209,000 impressions leading to 2,041 clicks and 1,213 likes, shares or reactions.

The 30-second video produced more than 320,000 impressions and 156 clicks.

“We are very pleased with the response to the awareness project and we are adjusting our strategy as we learn more about what works best and where we can do better,” Thomas said. “We plan to continue moving forward to reach even more people over the next several months.”