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AFHP’s website includes a new page called “Get the Facts” which displays the most current research data through infographics. Check out our page to get educated on the latest evidence in reproductive healthcare.

Title X funding has led to many amazing results including:


  • Averting 1 million unintended pregnancies
  • Averting 345,000 abortions
  • Saving $7.09 for every $1 spent


  • Averting 24,400 unplanned pregnancies annually through public funding
  • Averting 6,800 unplanned pregnancies annually through AFHP funding alone
  • Averting 2,900 abortions
  • Preventing 510 chlamydia and gonorrhea infections
  • Saving $11.27 for every $1 spent
  • Providing care to 33,568 women and men

AFHP and Title X funding promotes the health of individuals and society through supporting reproductive life planning and prevention of STIs. These resources improve quality of life and results in significant cost savings at the state and national level.

Keep up to date on the latest numbers and research here.

– Annie, Intern