CT PIP Final Webinar 2018

Over the last year, AFHP has been partnering with several other agencies to improve chlamydia screening rates among women ages 24 and younger. Every few months, participants would attend a webinar hosted by JSI’s Lisa Schamus which utilized materials from the Family Planning National Training Centers’ (FPNTC) curriculum. She graciously guided the participants through various capacity building exercises (like creating PDSA models) and offered guidance on chlamydia screening best-practices, one of her many passions.

The webinar series came to a close this month, culminating in a sharing session by each agency about their successes and challenges over the first project year. We are pleased to report that most agencies have improved their screening rates, with some agencies exceeding their projected screening goal. This will be a great starting place for the next year of the project. One highlight was that one agency used a thermometer-like goal sheet and posted it around their clinics to motivate the staff to reach their goals and update them on their progress. They offered to share this idea with other agencies to use in the future.

Ending the webinar period of the project is bittersweet, but this means that we are poised to start a new year with fresh ideas and with the motivation to improve further in the future. We will be kicking off the beginning the next year of the project period with a meeting in March to have some fun and collaborate in person with the project participants.