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Exciting updates, finalized this summer, aim to make access to birth control easier in Arizona and across the U.S. / FACT SHEET / INFORMACIÓN EN ESPAÑOL


Firstly, a standing order was released from the Arizona Board of Pharmacy stating the regulations for pharmacists to dispense oral contraceptives in the state. This will allow a client to go to a participating pharmacy and receive pills, patches, rings and, even, emergency contraception, without the need for a prescription. It’s important to note that the standing order provides the guidelines to allow pharmacists to do this dispensing, but it is not a requirement for pharmacies in Arizona. It remains to be seen if pharmacies will get on board with this new service and do the proper training and implementation process to make access to birth control easier for Arizonans. The positive effects of self-administered contraception would be tremendous. See our fact sheet for more details. 

Another new development occurred on July 13, 2023 when the FDA approved Opill for nonprescription use. This means Opill, a progestin-only pill for preventing pregnancy, would be available on the shelf at stores across the U.S. like allergy medicine, pain relievers, condoms, etc. It would also be available for online purchase. The sale of Opill is projected to start in early 2024. Opill will further reduce barriers to access by allowing individuals of any age to obtain an oral contraceptive without the need to first see a health care provider. There are still some unknowns about Opill such as its price and how it will function with public and private insurances. The benefits to public health would be numerous by allowing individuals with uteruses expanded access to contraception and choice.

Affirm wants to ensure clarity around both these topics. Our staff is closely following their development as they lend to our mission of making sexual and reproductive healthcare accessible to everyone. Please reach out with any questions