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Attorney General Mayes’ Reproductive Healthcare Data Privacy Guidance Is Critical Step In Protecting Consumers’ Rights

Attorney General Kris Mayes recent data privacy guidance for those seeking reproductive healthcare “is a critical step in protecting American consumers’ privacy to access sexual and reproductive healthcare without reservation,” said Affirm CEO Bré Thomas.

Attorney General Mayes’ data privacy guidance covers ways in which individuals can protect the privacy of their data including keeping internet searches private, limiting tracking features, securing emails and text messages, payment options and using caution with period-tracking, fertility and other pregnancy-related apps.

“We fully support Attorney General Mayes’ efforts to protect all Arizonans and educate them of their rights,” Thomas said. “The privacy guidance is an important strategic next step to achieve that goal following her creating the first-ever Reproductive Rights Unit in the Arizona Attorney General’s Office earlier this year.”

Tips from Attorney General Mayes:

  • Be mindful of who you talk to about your search for abortion care.
  • Keep internet searches and online activity private.
  • Limit tracking features on mobile devices.
  • Keep emails private.
  • Keep text, voice and social media messages private.
  • Keep payment transactions private.
  • Use caution with period-tracking apps.
  • Do research.

Anyone believing a company has gathered personal information in violation of its privacy policies or has misused or sold information without authorization can file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General. For more information, visit

Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health (Affirm), previously known as Arizona Family Health Partnership, is Arizona’s Title X agency. Title X is the nation’s federally funded and administered family planning grant program. Affirm’s mission is to make sexual and reproductive healthcare accessible to everyone, particularly for those who may be un-or-under insured at nearly 70 health centers across the state.

“At a time when access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, including and especially the right to contraception, is more important than ever, the privacy guidelines provide common-sense tips to empower consumers to manage their data privacy and give them peace of mind,” Thomas said.

Through Title X, Affirm distributes funds to health centers providing confidential low- or no-cost services like birth control, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, counseling and other preventive services. Title X-funded health centers across Arizona provide sexual and reproductive healthcare services to an average of 35,000 people annually.

“Attorney General Mayes’ guidelines underscore the undisputed fact that protecting our clients’ data privacy is essential. We are committed to maintaining that confidentiality,” Thomas said.

Title X clients include youth, the uninsured and underinsured, low-wage earners, Indigenous communities and other groups that have been systematically excluded from receiving care.

Read the full Consumer Data Privacy Guide here.