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Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health Releases Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Decision

PHOENIX, AZ (April 10, 2024)— Today, the Arizona Supreme Court announced their decision in Planned Parenthood Arizona V. Mayes. The outcome of the case, argued in December, determines whether a civil war era total abortion ban would be reinstated or if the 15 week ban, signed into law by former Gov. Doug Ducey in 2022 would remain law.

In response, Bré Thomas, CEO of Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health issued the following statement:

“We are heartbroken to learn that the Arizona Supreme Court has decided to declare the 1864 near total abortion ban as enforceable. This dangerous law predates Arizona statehood and the right of women to vote. It also could not be more out-of-touch with Arizona voters. Deciding whether to continue a pregnancy is a deeply personal decision that is made for a variety of reasons. Arizonans deserve the freedom to make that choice, not politicians. Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health and other Title X sexual and reproductive healthcare services and resources, including contraception, remain accessible to everyone at more than 50 health centers across Arizona. We will continue coordinating sexual and reproductive health services, connecting clients to caring providers, offering inclusive health education, and advocating for evidence-based health policy at every level of government, especially for legislation that guarantees everyone full reproductive freedom.”



Take Action with the Arizona for Abortion Access Act

While there is an obvious delay in this act taking effect (it will be voted on in November), it is our best shot to guarantee reproductive freedoms in AZ in a way that cannot be undone easily as legislature and court rulings can be. Affirm contributed to bringing the language of the initiative forward with partner agencies and we fully support it.

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